Denver Methamphetamine Screening

Methamphetamine Screening and Preliminary Assessments

Detecting Methamphetamine

An unfortunate new reality when buying a home is the possibility that users and/or producers of methamphetamine may have occupied the property. When there has been methamphetamine present in a home, its residue lingers throughout the space. Often the odors associated with methamphetamine use can go unnoticed, while meth smoke residue or other aspects associated with meth production, can remain in the home. New layers of paint or property renovations often mask these odors making residue more difficult to detect.  These residues can be extremely harmful to children, seniors and even pets and can cause symptoms similar to meth use. The residues can enter through contact with skin and can also be inhaled. The serious nature of methamphetamine removal has spurred The State of Colorado to require methamphetamine inspections conducted by a certified meth lab consultant.

Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe

Zeal Environmental is serious about the health of your home, which is why we offer affordable Methamphetamine Screening Assessments to real-estate agents, homebuyers, and tenants who want to ensure that the homes in our neighborhoods are safe for all occupants.

Methamphetamine Preliminary Assessments are available for residences where meth arrests have occurred or where elevated meth levels are detected during a screening assessment inspection. The preliminary assessment provides a detailed report, room by room, for decontamination contractors. Zeal Environmental is the one of the leading hazardous material removers in Colorado. We have the experience and have been trusted for decades. Call today and ensure that you and your loved ones are safer!