Colorado Mold Inspections & Assessments

Is Mold a Serious Concern?

Despite the limited humidity in Colorado, mold can still be found in many Colorado communities. Mold can thrive on the smallest amount of water and can be prevalent throughout a home or space. Mold is also dangerous, largely due to the fact that it is often not visible to the naked eye. People can develop a variety of health effects from exposure to mold, ranging from itching, burning eyes, runny nose, respiratory issues, sneezing, and coughing. In more severe cases, individuals can experience exhaustion and confusion, permanent neurological damage, autoimmune disease, and in some cases, permanent DNA damage. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to mold related illnesses. But regardless of age, mold contamination can affect anyone and should not be taken lightly. The effects of mold can be irreversible if not dealt with immediately. Individuals who don’t remove mold from their home can eventually retain spores within their body. Undiagnosed and repeated exposure will eventually be fatal, unless professional medical attention is administered.

What To Do if You Suspect Mold

Stachybotrys (black mold), Chaetomium, and other mold spores are difficult to remove on your own with conventional cleaning materials. Mold can survive bleach and even other harsh chemicals if moisture, poor ventilation, or simply showering and bathing still exist in the affected area. Often spores can linger even after a deep clean and can fully propagate within a matter of days. If you suspect you have mold, or are concerned due to respiratory or other health concerns, an indoor air quality inspection can offer answers or at least eliminate the fear and suspicion of mold contamination in your home. Mold inspection can offer a peace of mind and will allow you to rest easy knowing that your friends, family, and community are safe. Whether it’s a new home purchase, rental, private home, visible water staining, leaks, or you’re just taking precautions, a state certified mold inspection from Zeal Environmental will give you the peace of mind and the information you need to move forward with safe and sound living. Zeal Environmental has been inspecting for mold in Colorado communities for over 15 years. Trust no one else, and set up an inspection today!

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Mold Sampling in Denver, CO

Zeal Environmental in Denver, CO is the premiere mold inspections company and leader in environmental safety in Colorado. For years, we have provided unprecedented asbestos abatement services in the Denver area. Safety is our primary concern during the removal, testing and encapsulation process.

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Zeal Environmental services all of Colorado. Denver (Front Range, Sunnyside, Highlands, Berkley, Rhino, LoHi, Park Hill, Capitol hill) Golden, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Westminster, Boulder, Longmont & more.