Lead-Based Paint

Lead-Based Paint Inspections

The First Step to Removing Lead

Exposure to lead has health effects that are serious and life changing. The most common result is irreversible brain damage, especially in small children. Lead dust can come from a variety of events. Remodeling, demolition, repainting, weatherization, friction from old wood windows, and other day-to-day activities, can cause lead to flake and chip off into hazardous airborne material that will be ingested by people, animals, and even plants.

The first step to removing lead based paint is have the home properly inspected. Zeal Environmental takes the safety of our shared environment with the utmost dedication and understands the responsibility we have to our Colorado communities. We know that the results of inaction or improper inspection are fatal for our loved ones. That is why we only use up to date technology when inspecting for lead and other hazardous material.

Zeal Environmental uses a radioactive XRF machine to read through all the layers of paint, which provides lead results the same day. With same day results you won’t need to waste time with next steps. Whether you are buying a home or are currently residing in one, it is never a bad idea to check for lead. And before you replace your old wood, windows, or renovate your home, contact a professional state certified lead inspector. Zeal Environmental takes the business of health safety with the utmost importance and has been trusted throughout Colorado for over 15 years. Set up your lead inspection today and help keep Colorado beautiful.

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Lead Paint Analyzation in Denver, CO

Zeal Environmental in Denver, CO is the premiere lead-based paint inspector and leader in environmental safety in Colorado. For years, we have provided unprecedented asbestos abatement services in the Denver area. Safety is our primary concern during the testing and analyzation process.

Lead-Based Paint Inspection Colorado Contractor

Zeal Environmental services all of Colorado. Denver (Front Range, Sunnyside, Highlands, Berkley, Rhino, LoHi, Park Hill, Capitol hill) Golden, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley, Westminster, Boulder, Longmont & more.